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Okay, now that I have your attention, let me say this, and please read. 

  • I take a lot of pride in the fact that , I really, really never look for the gay when it isn’t there. I’m not one of the Destiel shippers who’s just going to see Destiel, EVERYWHERE, or get mad and boycott an episode cause Dean is cheking out a dog, or because Castiel is having sex with a lady. I can even admit that Dean didn’t seemed like he cared when Castiel told him he had sex with what’s her face. I’m rational, I really am. 

But all this? 

  • Picture it as if one of them were a woman, would this be normal friendly behavior? Seriously, would it? The staring, the touching, the looking at the lips. On any other TV Shows or movie, this is love interests behavior, it is! Just take each of those scenes and describe them as if you were writing a fanfic, you won’t really need your imagination to spice it up cause it’s all already there. The ”Cas is just a friend, like a brother to Dean” is just being blind!

I don’t have siblings, but I sure never looked at my bestfriends like that, and my friends are pretty damn attractive. And let me say Dean doesn’t have this behavior with Benny, Charlie, Kevin or Garth.

I can truly understand if you don’t ship it, but I don’t understand if you can’t see it. 

And that’s just visual facts, I could also talk about Purgatory.

  • The minute they were there, Castiel split. To Benny it seemed that Cas abandonned Dean, wich was, honestly, a rational theory. But that didn’t throw Dean off, he slashed a buttload of montser throats, cause his priority was to find the angel first, and when he finally finds him, he doesn’t even ask for explanation, he’s just so happy to see him he pulls him in a tight embrace. I love my best friend to death, to death really, but if she had split on me in purgatory I would’ve find her, then punch her in the face, THEN I would’ve hugged her, THEN ASK FOR A FRIGGIN EXPLANATION
  • And we all know what kind of temper Dean has, it was so unlike him to just be HAPPY and nothing else, no grudge, no nothing. He would have give Sam hell of a hard time if he had pulled crap like that.   
  • Then, later, we found out that he split to save Dean’s life cause all the scary things in purgatory was after his feathery ass.

Dean was his only priority, at a time that Castiel didn’t even had enough willingness to care about his own life, he put every last bit of care he had, for Dean instead.

I think that’s a pretty good exemple of…what? Love. Yes. Love. 

  • Then there’s the part after Purgatory where Dean sees Castiel everywhere:  on the side of the road, outside of a window, and let me point out that we never had proof that it was just Castiel trying to reach out for Dean in his mind. He wasn’t involved, he didn’t even knew who brought him back. It was all Dean’s subconcious. 
  • The same thing that happened to Sam in season one. WITH JESS. Remember? She was in a white dress on the sidewalk, as they were leaving a town, Sam saw her. There’s also numerous of movies and shows where that happens. TO LOVE INTERESTS. 

But of course, I know Destiel is never going to happen, I’m okay with that, really. But their love story has more devloppement than Harry and Ginny’s and they’re canon. My point is, it’s not because it’s canon that it means it’s right. 

So there it is kids :) 

None of the gifs are mine, I can’t 

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